Bella di Cerignola

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Bella di Cerignola was founded by Pietro Knight Casamassima in 1980.Has always favored the taste and quality, the company produces and processes the earth's resources through a minute of Puglia synergy between the freshness of the fruits of agriculture, modern equipment and a team of dynamic and experienced professionals.

Both in the collection in the processing using only traditional methods and environmentally sustainable, obtaining products that safeguard the consumer and the world around him.

The company holds patents and trademarks of working registered. Can produce olives in different colors, such as olives ruby red, emerald green, black, yellow topaz. These qualities have helped make even more widespread, known and appreciated in the world of Cerignola olives. Many of the awards are made and awards presented at an international level.

Bella di Cerignola include:

  • a farm, producing fresh and organic material;
  • a company of processing and marketing of agricultural products and agro-industrial;
  • a trading company based in New York - USA.

The dream of Pietro Knight Casamassima is now a global reality, which will consolidate in a precise business model, which he calls "One & Only".

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